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Shanti House Apparel provides low impact, ethical fashion accessories supporting fair wages globally


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Ethical,Timeless, Classic, Global

Conscious shopping online has never been more rewarding. Our selection of timeless, classic, global fashion and accessories includes stunning one off pieces, for any size or budget. We work directly with organisations supporting small co-operatives ensuring fair pay for workers and designers alike. Using only natural materials and ecological methods we have broken the chain of sweat shop/fast fashion..and bring to you timeless, slow fashion.  

Thanks to our innovative and hands on approach, Shanti House Apparel can ensure the authenticity and ethical values of all our suppliers. Browse our site and get in touch if you need any assistance.

Clothes aren't going to change the world but how and where you buy them will. SO DON'T WAIT FOR THE CHANGE....BE THE CHANGE


100% Natural Materials - Crafted by Hand


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